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Who We Are

Specialists In Innovative Brand Metamorphosis & Digital Transformation

Ivory Technologies is a collective of creative thinkers, passionate innovators and competent digital architects sharing a specific skill set that centers on accelerating business momentum through bespoke IT solutions. With humble beginnings as a website development company in UAE, we steadily grew our portfolio leading us to become a reliable end-to-end IT solutions provider specializing in enterprise mobility solutions, web solutions, digital marketing and eCommerce development. Spearheaded by business analysts and scrum masters with extensive IT experience across the globe, Ivory Technologies promises and delivers unique solutions that go beyond business needs to flawlessly support our clients’ core goals.

Our Core Strengths

A Vibrant Team With The Synergy To Facilitate Unique Digital Evolutions.

Team Spirit is at the heart of Ivory Technologies. We have always believed in synergy. From analysts and managers to architects, developers and marketers, every individual in our team operates as a single team with a singular goal of accelerating business momentum by leveraging the right technologies the right way. We believe that is where our true strength lies, because that’s how we ensured exceptional results for our clients so far - results that made a difference.

Our Values

Ambition. Team-Spirit. Harmony.

In a world where ambition fuels one’s journey to success, it’s harmony and spirit that give momentum to that journey. And that’s reflected in our solutions. With a harmonious team driven by ambition to facilitate increased business momentum for our clients, we craft powerful and innovative solutions that harmoniously combine the most innovative ideas and technologies to deliver that momentum. This helped us build the best business relationships in our journey so far.

Innovating To Build Solutions & Relationships.